Paper preperation
We take every care to ensure that the wallpaper is delivered in perfect condition but please double check that the drop(s) you recieve are free from obvious defects BEFORE applying them to your wall.

Wallpaper by Deborah Bowness is printed both digitally and by hand. It is not vinyl-coated. It is fragile when wet and extra care should be taken during the hanging process.

To avoid white edges showing at the seams when hanging the darker wallpapers on imperfect surfaces, it is recommended that a crayon of an appropriate shade be used, before hanging, to colour the white ends of the roll.

Wall preperation
Walls must be sound, dry and free from grease or any other contaminent that might affect the adhesive or penetrate the wall covering. All old wallpaper, backing and lining paper must be removed and any holes or cracks filled. Powdery flaky and/or absorbant surfaces must be scraped back and painted with a good quality primer sealer, following the manufacturer's instructions and allowed to dry thoroughly.

A general all purpose wallpaper adhesive is suitable. We use 'Solvite'. Apply paste evenly to the paper, paying particular attention that the edges are fully pasted. Do not allow paste to contaminate the printed surface as the pattern may lift when wiped whilst wet. If paste does come into contact with the surface of the paper immediately remove it by gently and carefully wiping with a clean, damp sponge. Once paste is applied, leave each length of paper to soak for the same period of time until pliable (usually between 5 to 10 minutes).

It is VERY IMPORTANT when hanging the paper, attention should be paid NOT to rigorously rub the printed areas. We suggest initially smoothing it on with a hanging brush.

Where the wallpaper is being used in commercial projects or in areas subjected to 'high traffic', we recommend the following: When the paper is dry take a very wide, fine varnish brush and apply an even, thin coat of clear matt acrylic (water based) varnish. Additional coats can be applied to increase durability. The colour of the wallpaper may change very slightly, but in our opinion this will not be detrimental to the overall asthetic. Try out on an off-cut of the wallpaper before applying to the whole wall to ensure you are happy with the results and your technique.

Paint recommendations
If you require a paint to match the background paper of Wallpaper Frocks, Standard Lamps and Chairs we recommend Farrow & Balls Clunch for a 'warm' option or White Tie, for 'cool' option. 

These are general guidelines on how to hang your wallpaper by deborah bowness. The PDF's on our catalogues page will give you further guidence on how to hang specific designs.If you feel unsure about anything when it comes to hanging your wallpaper, please call +44 (0)1757 248500 and we will do our best to guide you through it.

The information given here is for guidance only and is given in good faith but without warranty, since skill of application and site conditions are beyond our control.