• Deborah can design and specially make unique wallpapers for any space. Although each installation is unique commissioned wallpapers are recognisable by their signature photomontage style and hand coloured finish. The collection has been designed to be used as inspiration for personalised decoration. Please visit our ‘Projects’ page for examples. To discuss ideas for specially made, bespoke papered walls, contact

  • The majority of our wallpaper is handmade; therefore we can print almost any design in any colour. Select a colour from our varied pallet or provide us with a reference. Please contact to discuss your requirements. Please note there is a small additional charge for this service.

  • Some of our designs can be printed onto wider and longer paper. We also have a number of methods to fill awkward size walls. If our standard size papers are not suitable please contact to discuss the possibilities of us making paper to fit your wall.

  • We are always happy to give advice and suggestions to anyone considering using our wallpapers. Either call us on +44 (0)1424 424713 or email your ideas, intentions or queries to Mention the wallpaper design(s) you are interested in and where possible the height and width of the wall(s). Include any additional information or images that may help.

  • Surface design is not limited to wallpaper. We are able to think off the wall and willing to discuss any other surface you may wish to decorate. Please contact to share your ideas.