Bespoke Service

  • How does the commission process work?

    To receive a quote for a specially made bespoke wallpaper it would be helpful if you could begin by sending the following.

    – Full name
    – Location
    – Email address
    – Phone number
    – Dimensions of the wall(s) on which you wish to hang your
    – Photographs of the wall(s) & room you wish to decorate.

    The best place to look for ideas is my website, or if you prefer you can arrange a visit to the Print Room in St Leonards-on-sea. The majority of my wallpapers are designed to be used as inspiration for personalised papered walls, browsing the sample books or the web shop will give you some idea of the style you like and the possibilities for bespoke work. It may also be helpful to look at the project pages of the website where there are many examples of previous commissions. I can accommodate your decorative needs, if necessary I work with trusted suppliers to find papers suitable to your requirements domestic or commercial. Surface design is not limited to wallpaper, I am happy to discuss any other surface you may wish to decorate.

    – Please send a brief outline of your idea for bespoke wallpaper giving an indication of designs & styles you are drawn to. If you are unsure at this stage and would rather talk things through let me know and I will be in touch to arrange a call. 

    At this stage you will be provided with an estimate this will give you a good indication of the cost of your bespoke wallpapers and the time they will take.

    – The commission process begins with a visit, call or zoom to
    discuss your desires & inspiration.
    – Costing finalised and sent as a quote.
    – Invoice request for first payment of 50%
    – A time line is agreed (usually 2-3 months) during which you will receive (on average) 4 PDFs of your wallpaper with the design being refined at each stage ending with your bespoke wallpaper samples.
    – You will receive an email to request photographs, imagery inspiration, images of favourite colours & styles, interior shots, magazine articles, anything that inspires you. Paint references & fabric swatches may also be useful.
    – 1st PDF – combines your ideas with mine to create 3 design direction routes. At this stage we will agree a design route to explore.*
    – 2nd PDF – Delves deeper into your artwork. This stage aims to gain clarity on content, shape, form and colour.
    – 3rd PDF – By now all the elements will have been collated and cemented and we have what feels close to the final piece.
    – Wallpaper samples are printed and delivered colours and scale agreed.
    – 4th PDF – Gives you a scaled visual of your final wallpaper artwork.
    – Invoice for the final payment of 50% (none refundable)
    – Printing of the wallpapers commences
    – Wallpaper delivery
    – Or wallpaper install, I often make site specific bespoke wallpapers in this instance it may be beneficial for me to arrange and oversee the install of your commission.

    To discuss ideas for bespoke wallpapered walls, contact:

    *Please note: In the unlikely event that we cannot agree on design direction the commission process can be terminated at this point and you will be refunded your deposit minus the cost of work carried out so far. 


  • The majority of my wallpapers are handmade; therefore I can print almost any design in any colour. Select a colour from my varied pallet or provide me with a reference. Please contact to discuss your requirements. Please note there is a small additional charge for this service.

  • Some of my designs can be printed onto wider and longer paper. I also have a number of methods to fill awkward size walls. If my standard size papers are not suitable please contact to discuss the possibilities of making paper to fit your wall.

  • I am always happy to give advice and suggestions to anyone considering using my wallpapers. Either call  +44 (0)1424 424713 or email your ideas, intentions or queries to Mention the wallpaper design(s) you are interested in and where possible the height and width of the wall(s). Include any additional information or images that may help.

  • Surface design is not limited to wallpaper. I am able to think off the wall and willing to discuss any other surface you may wish to decorate. Please contact to share your ideas.