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Justifiably called the ‘Hampton Court Palace of the North’, Temple Newsam is one of the great English historic country houses. The house has been extensively restored and holds some of the most comprehensive collections of paintings, furniture, silver, ceramics, textiles and wallpapers outside London.

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To celebrate 170 years of Leeds Arts University the Vernon Street Gallery will hosted a series of group exhibitions celebrating the diverse and ground breaking careers of past students and staff.   The first of three alumni group shows of 2016 included examples of work by Eric Bainbridge (artist, studied 1973-1974); Deborah Bowness (wallpaper artist, studied 1994-1997); and Janet Rawlins (artist, studied 1947-1952).
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An exhibition exploring and celebrate the hand printed techniques of wallpaper production, showcasing the most exciting designers and makers across the UK who champion a return to this better quality of wallpaper production. 23 makers were on show in the exhibition.

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Pasting the Walls; a celebration of 21st century wallpaper.

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Chatsworth presents a contemporary chair design exhibition Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth.
On display are items from the private collection of the Duke and Duchess showcased alongside furniture by internationally acclaimed and innovative designers.
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Going far beyond the world of climbing florals, classical stripes and stylised geometrics, this exhibition focused on contemporary wallpaper designers and fine artists using the medium as an expressive form.

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Wallpaper Then and Now presents, for the first time, masterly examples of 19th and early 20th-century wallpaper design from the MFAH collection.

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Article number:  120723

Pattern Illusion 1, blue/blue from the series Illusions of Grandeur, 2002,

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Paper Trail York featured on BBC Look North
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“Paper Trail exhibition to transform York city centre using designer wallpaper”
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” Paper Trail project aims to reinvigorate Yorks unused spaces.
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HOUSE is a curated contemporary visual arts event, taking place biennially in October across Brighton and Hove. Read more

In HOUSE 2012 Deborah was a commissioned artist:
Papering the streets of Brighton with illusionistic wallpaper, Bowness creates a ‘paper trail’ across the city.  These small and surprising  trompe-l’œil interventions explore domestic displacement and investigate pictorial space using everyday and abandoned items.

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Walls Are Talking: Wallpaper, Art and Culture. The first major UK exhibition of artists’ wallpapers with work by over 30 artists including Andy Warhol, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst. Kitsch ideas of home decoration are turned upside down as artists subvert the stereotypes of wallpaper to hit home messages about warfare, racism, cultural conflicts and gender. For further information 

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No flowers please: wallpaper exhibition exposes the dark side of the home.

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Deborah’s work is a contemporary example of trompe l’oeil which has a very long history in wallcoverings. Many of the earliest wallpapers were imitations of textiles, stone and architectural elements. The photo montage technique and the designer’s invite to interact with the scene are very contemporary takes on the mural tradition.  Hooks and Frocks is printed in a gray scale with only the dresses picked out in bright colors. The garments, accessories and furnishings are all of an older vintage so the scene has a rather retro look, and the use of black and white photography further enhances this look. “Hooks and Frocks” can also be embellished with actual hooks from which can be hung additional garments and bags of the owner’s choice as the designer encourages interaction for a more personalized look…….. READ MORE from GREGORY HERRINGSHAW

FLOCK & ROLL: New Ideas in Wallpaper Design, an exhibition of contemporary design that explored wallpapers re-emerging importance in the modern interior. The exhibition highlighted wallpapers increasing role in bringing style, artistic expression and fashion into the domestic setting.

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Somewhere Totally Else: The European Design Show

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An exhibition created after being awarded a Royal Overseas League Scholarship to travel.

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The V&A holds three “Standard Lamp” wallpapers in their Prints, Drawings & Paintings Collection.

Museum nos: E824 -826 2002

Article: New directions in wallpaper design & art

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“Hooks & Frocks” won a Peugeot Design award for best textile design.

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