Wallpaper Scroll

How to hang Wallpaper as a scroll.

Your wallpaper does not have to be a permanent feature, did you know that every wallpaper Frock, Chair and Standard Lamp purchased in our webshop comes with everything you need to hang it as a scroll.

Step one: Decide where you will hang your scrolled wallpaper and from what you will hang it from. We suggest hanging it from a picture rail, hook, picture hook or simply a screw or a nail.

Step Two: (See above) Your wallpaper comes packaged in a cardboard tube. Remove the wallpaper from the tube. On the tube you will see a marker indicating where to cut. With a scalpel or Stanley knife carefully cut the tube down to size.

Step Three: (See above) Weight the end of the ribbon provided using a safety pin, peg or bulldog clip and feed through your cardboard tube. Ensure t that you have equal lengths of ribbon at each end of the tube.

Step Four: (See above) Remove your weight and take both ends of the ribbon in one hand and tie a simple overhand knot.

Step Five: (See above) We have taken care to roll your wallpaper to ensure your scroll will be hung then right way up. Carefully unroll you wallpaper out approx. 50 cm. Take the shortened cardboard tube and lay it across the top of the unrolled paper. Leave approx. 5cmof paper at the top.

Step Six: (See above) Bring the 5 cm of paper from the top of the tube around the tube and stick into place using three pieces of masking tape (or your preferred adhesive).Start by sticking the middle and then either side.

Step Seven: (See above)Roll the paper around the cardboard tube, towards the rolled wallpaper.

Step Eight: Hang the scroll in your chosen position.
Take care to support the rolled wallpaper as it drops down the wall. Once in position, you can adjust your scroll to the desired length by simply turning the cardboard tube in a clockwise motion, rolling the extra paper around it. You may wish to weight the bottom of the paper by sticking two suitable sized coins to the back of your paper with white tack, in the bottom corners.


If you feel unsure about anything when it comes to scrolling your wallpaper, please call  +44 (0)1424 424713…..and we will do our best to guide you through it.

 The information given here is for guidance only and is given in good faith but without warranty, since skill of application and site conditions are beyond our control.


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