Glass Tableware (Seconds)

£45.00£90.00 per roll

Occasionally our prints come out short or with very slight defects. In this instance we have three sample second rolls of Deborah’s iconic cut glass tableware wallpaper, which we believe are still suitable to create beautifully wallpapered walls.

Colour: Black on cream ground

Roll 1 : 56cm x 9.6m length, short roll.
Roll 2 : 56 cm x 10m length with slight white fault mark every 125cm. 
Roll 3 :
56 cm x 10m length with a 1 cm white stripe down the right hand side along almost all the length

Pattern Repeat: None

Hanging Suggestion:
Hang this wallpaper as it comes off the roll without attempting to pattern match or look for a repeat. There is minimal paper waste.

Please note this sale purchase cannot be returned