Paper Trail

Commission by Coastal Currents Arts Festival to create a wallpaper trail. 


Paper Trail’ began in Brighton, May 2012 during the “HOUSE” and “Brighton Festival”. Working together with the local Council and House festival curators, I secured six wall locations across the city upon which I created beautiful, thoughtful and witty wallpaper installations creating a city wide gallery. ‘Paper Trail’ explored the medium of wallpaper extending the canvas beyond interior walls into the streets creating a vibrancy to public spaces in the city. From Brighton ‘Paper Trail’ has continued on through the cities of York, Manchester, Paris and London. In September 2017 ‘Paper Trail’ was included in the Brixton Design Trail during the London Design festival.

For Paper Trail Hastings & St Leonards I used the same stratergies implemented during the Brixton Design trail working to create a wallpaper trail linking notable Coastal Currents events and venues. The installations served to guide visitors through the festival whilst decorating empty properties and boarded up shops along the route. The aim to create outdoor wallpaper installations challenging preconceived ideas of decoration, providing instant aesthetic appeal to the town.